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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  May 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> did it crash? >> yeah. >> a tragic start to memorial day weekend. a vintage warplane crashes into the hudson river between new york city and new jersey
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tonight. good evening, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. police announced just minutes ago that divers have now recovered a body from that one-seater plane. the faa says the world war ii vintage p-47 thunder bolt crashed into the river around 7:30 tonight. the plane had engine trouble before it went down two miles south of the washington bridge. the plane was scheduled to perform at the air show this weekend. the investigation into what caused the engine trouble is ongoing. the coast guard saying it will work to pull that plane from the water after sun rise tomorrow. the news of this plane crash bringing back memories of the miracle on the hudson. back in 2009, captain sully sullenberger made this emergency landing on the river after a bird strike took out his plane's engines. everyone on board that us airways flight survived. to another big story we're following tonight. memorial day weekend. and the start of the summer vacation season. nbc 10 along the boardwalk in ocean city where we found a lot of people enjoying the
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summer-like temperatures. and for many in our area, this weekend means a trip down the shore or to the delaware beaches. ♪ and in philly, summerfest kicks off today at the blue cross river rink. the crowd getting ready for deejay jazzy jeff to spin later tonight and the ice rink, look at this, been transformed into philadelphia's only outdoor roller skating rink now. the creators of summerfest are calling this an urban beachfront where you can play mini golf, grab a craft beer or hit the wat waterfront crab shack. feels like summer tonight. hotter than we typically expect over the memorial weekend. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with our nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. good start to the holiday. >> the start feels nr like a fourth of july holiday than memorial day which is often kind of cold. not cold outside right now.
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it's kind of warm and much more humid than it was yesterday. but it's not real warm at the shore. we've got a wind coming in off the ocean and that assures us we're going have a sea breeze tomorrow. keeping temperatures down into the 70s. inland, gets up near 90. that's a different story. just a few miles inland can make a big difference. we have just a few little light showers out by harrisburg. they're not moving in this direction but the big thing we're watching this weekend is tropical depression that may become a tropical storm headed toward the southeast coast. and get some of the moisture up this way. that's not coming tomorrow. tomorrow's the most likely day to be rain free. but look how high these temperatures are. 92 bellavista. devon, any best of showers or storms in berks county or the lehigh valley. more about the big changes coming this weekend in just a few minutes. >> okay, glenn. the ocean is unlocked so atlantic city is open for business. tonight, all eyes on the city's
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bottom line as well. and it's not just because memorial day weekend is a crucial kickoff for summer business. today, governor chris christie signed a package of bills to keep a.c. from running ning out cash. atlantic city avoided a state takeover for now. the city has five months to balance its books for the next five years and in exchange stays afloat with temporary loans. nbc 10's brandon hudson found out how business is doing tonight. >> reporter: a somewhat windy start to the holiday weekend here at atlantic city on the boardwalk, but it's not stopping people from getting out here on the beach. more importantly, supporting local schools. we caught abdul, one of the few times he wasn't busy today. abdul owns a t-shirt shop on the atlantic city boardwalk. >> 70% of our annual business is -- will come in the next three months. >> reporter: seeing more foot traffic on the boardwalk isn't the only good news for atlantic
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city this weekend. new jersey governor chris christie signed reform legislation into law which will give atlantic city a boost from the state to help with its crippling debt. mayor don guardian says beginning tuesday his office will work on a financial recovery plan. he'll have monthly meetings to update taxpayers on what's happening so tonight there's a feeling of optimism. >> atlantic city this tame of year is absolutely fabulous. i encourage everyone to come down, take a stroll on the boardwalk. >> reporter: some families are ready to make the most of this long weekend. we spoke to the millers who made the trip from chatham, new jersey. how would you describe this year to last year? >> it's about the same. memorial day is the kick wraoff summer. >> reporter: a crowd anxious to get sun after a less than stellar spring season and food stands happy to see them as memorial day weekend is one of the most profitable all year. would you like to see all these people out? >> i've been waiting for it. >> reporter: we also checked around several hotels here. one of them told me that they have a 99 % occupancy rate this
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weekend. and they're booked saturday and sunday. in atlantic city, new jersey, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. tonight at philadelphia international airport, authorities are working alongside airlines and the tsa to cut down on wait times in security lines. there are few delays in departing flights but many more delays for arrivals and in some airports passengers spent more than two hours at security checkpoints before flying off to their holiday destinations. the tsa is hirining 768 agents d units to cut wait times across the country. in honor of memorial day, scouts from all over new jersey paid tribute today to 60,000 men and women who served our country. boy scouts, girl scouts, cubs and brownies worked together placing a flag on each of the graves at the brigadier general cemetery in wrightstown. they'll receive a scouting patch for their work commemorating the
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vets and creating a stunning reminder of what memorial day represents. >> i've got family members that have fought in every single war this country's fought so it's really important to me i make the veterans know that i care. >> a ceremony at the cemetery tomorrow morning includes a flyover by new jersey's 177th fighter wing plus a 22 gun salute. new at 11:00 a controversy over a bill designed to help families of child sex abuse. pennsylvania senate will soon consider allowing an additional 20 years for victims to file lawsuits. the house already passed the measure but nbc 10's drew smith explains the philadelphia archdiocese says this change puts the church at risk. >> reporter: protesters stood at the gate of st. charles borromeo seminary tonight. >> we are just completely outraged by the way the archdiocese of philadelphia is spreading misinformation. >> reporter: their goals are opposite of the people who drove
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inside for what the archdiocese tells us was mainly a private prayer. but this flier promoted an information session to show how house bill 1947 endangers the church. the bill's sponsors stood out on the sidewalk. >> these horrific acts from the past need to be dealt with then they don't want to deal with it. we're going to force their hand. >> reporter: under current law, child sex abuse victims lose their ability to sue at age 30. the new law would change that age to 50. and it would eliminate the statute of limitations for all future child sex abuse cases. he says he was a victim, himself, and so was the son of arthur. they say it is tough to speak about abuse and efforts to keep victims silent after years have passed are wrong. >> i'm insulted. i'm hurt. and it's just another -- it's another kick to the teeth. >> reporter: the church has argued the bill excludes legal action against public institution and that's unfair. these advocates disagree. >> it seems a weak argument to
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say the public schools can rape kids and not get sued, we should, too. i mean, it's just idiotic. >> reporter: the senate plans to take this up in mid-june and the lobbying won't end here. the archdiocese has sent letters to parishes urging them to take action. in wynnewood, drew smith, nbc 10 news. tonight philadelphia police are looking for the driver who hit and killed a preacher in kensington and didn't stop. the victim's family identifies him as 57-year-old leon. last night he preached at his church and took members home to the soldier of the lord ministry on north front street. he was killed when he went to get back in his van. >> we know he was a man of god and we're sure he's in heaven. >> detectives are looking for a 199 1998 to 2008 dark colored saab.
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police found a logo at the scene from the car's front grill. overseas today president obama made history in japan, became the first sitting american president to visit hiroshima, the city where the u.s. dropped the first atomic bomb. this is video of the president arriving at hiroshima peace memorial park. he and japan's prime minister walked into the hiroshima peace memorial museum together. president signed a guestbook, laid a wreath and comforted survivors of the attack. some 300,000 people died from the bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki. president obama did not apologize or second guess president truman's decision to drop the atomic bombs but did lay out his vision for a world without nuclear weapons. usa! usa! usa! >> more violent clashes tonight outside a donald trump event in san diego. people were throwing things at police in riot gear as thousands of trump supporters and protesters clashed. several scuffles broke out.
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police say at least 18 people needed medical treatment and at least three people were arrested. tonight, donald trump is backing off the idea of debating democrat bernie sanders. just yesterday, trump told reporters that the debate was on if they could use it to raise money for a cause like women's health. the sanders campaign took trump seriously and began negotiating with for networks. trump killed the deal late this afternoon saying it would be inappropriate to debate a second place finisher. sanders says trump has been going back and forth on the idea. >> you're in first place, you don't want to debate a guy who's in second place. >> you know, i hope he changes his mind again. i mean, mr. trump is known to change his mind many times in a day. >> sanders also called trump a bully, daring him to the debate. tonight, sanders' supporters were out pushing for votes in south jersey. people from the sanders campaign office, burlington county headquarters canvassing a neighborhood in pemberton.
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they're planning an efven large push for votes next week ahead of the new jersey primary june 7th. hillary clinton returning to new jersey as well, next week, in newark on wednesday. on thursday she'll speak to the west windsor campus of mercer community college. clinton's office says she'll push her plan to raise family incomes. bill clinton campaigned for her in north jersey today. he spoke with voters here inside a steamy gym in edison. the former president didn't mention donald trump or bernie sanders but said his wife is the only presidential contender with a proven record of getting things done. a police officer running for his life as a tree comes crashing down on top of him. how helping others put him at risk. also, surveillance video shows a local restaurant being targeted. why the criminals say they don't want that business in their neighborhood. and two big changes coming to reading terminal market. how the philly landmark is becoming more convenient.
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glenn? >> well, memorial day weekend starts off hot and dry. its finish is going to be much different. i'll tell you when we can expect the rain and cooler weather. don't miss my nbc 10 first alert neighborhood forecast.
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look at that. new at 11:00, a new jersey police officer can't quite get out of the way of that falling tree. officer douglas faberbrook trying to get to safety at the 60 foot poplar fell onto the roadway. he was there trying to move another fallen tree out of the road for other drivers when this happened. he said he's lucky he wasn't more seriously hurt. verizon workers could soon be off the picket lines and back on the job. next week the company and the unions have reached a tentative deal. about 39,000 workers have been on strike since mid-april. the agreement in principle is for a four-year contract but
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neither side released new details on the deal. new at 11:00, new jersey transit is making changes after revelations one of its train engineers lost his license to drive a car because of repeated drunken driving. the agency says it will now check engineers' driver's licenses every day and the agency will review their driving records. lawmakers are also calling for tougher laws for train engineers and the railroads. also new at 11:00, an unwelcome message. scribbled on a restaurant wall in west philadelphia. it leaves a bad taste with the owner who captured the vandals on video as they defaced his business. >> see some of the paint starting to spray. >> camera outside the clarkville restaurant at 43rd and baltimore recorded as the vandals spray painted gentry go home on the wall. the restaurant ioes owner think it means gentrification. fears it will drive longtime
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neighbors out. he said the vandals made a mistake. >> active in the community. we're here for everyone. whatever the message is from the vandals, they clearly don't get what we're all about. >> the general manager says it's the second time the restaurant was attacked with spray paint. a modular prosthetic arm created to mimic utility and beauty, on view at a senior thesis show in west philly. new at 11:00, the reading terminal market will launch two new services aimed at making shopping at the iconic market easier. the market will introduce concierge service giving customers the chance to have their goods stored in a refrigerator at the center city market until the customer needs it back. it's a story from our partners at the philadelphia business journal. the market also plans to add valet parking service as well. how nice is that? well memorial day weekend will be busy down the shore.
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and at the delaware beaches. of course. those aren't the only places the action's happening. ♪ tomorrow, the philly pops and the man center for the performing arts will present memorial salute, a concert honoring all those who serve. it's happening tomorrow night at 7:00. it's open to the public. comcast and nbc 10 are proud sponsors. in chester county the devon horse show and country fair is under way. this year's show and fairgrounds received a $1 million makeover. includes an anniversary scare, improvements to the rings and more vendor space. tomorrow visit a piece of history in allentown. that solar impulse plane is on display at lehigh valley international airport. trying to make a record-breaking trip around the world using solar energy. and they must have had plenty of that today, right, glenn? >> yeah, plenty of sunshine today. and a good bit tomorrow.
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but it goes downhill from there. pretty humid. high clouds. we showed you the jersey shore before. in delaware, it's a different story. still kind of warm. wilmington 78. glasgow 74. and at the beaches it's actually warmer than it was in some places this afternoon. the wind is right along parallel to the beach. slight turn to the southwest. and the delaware beaches will be significantly warmer than the jersey shore. well, it's going to be hot and more humid. at least until sunday and monday. 90 today. 92 tomorrow. and then it starts going down. and more specifically for the memorial day weekend, we have temperatures starting off in the 90s. philadelphia, suburbs, lehigh valley. chance of a thunderstorm late tomorrow, but that's still just a chance. better chance on sunday. so saturday is the best day to go outside.
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but it's going to be hot. except at the shore. 76 degrees. cooler on sunday with more clouds. and afternoon and nighttime showers and then monday, lot of moisture around. lot of clouds. best chance of rain. cooler temperatures throughout the area. and one of the reasons for that is not to the west but down to the south. there's a tropical system that may be developing into tropical storm bonnie, moving right toward south carolina. computer models all pretty much show that. and a lot of them have it turning to the right. with at least some of the moisture from it coming up here affecting us by sunday night and into monday. that means the beach is affected. so tomorrow, wildwood, for example, lot of sunshine. 75. increased clouds on sunday with some rain. from the tropics. and then monday, a little bit cooler. now as we head to the poconos,
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lot of sunshine tomorrow. just a chance of an afternoon shower. little better chance on sunday. but still overall, pretty food days and then monday is looking to be, again, the cloudiest and the wettest across the area. temperatures going down. over the holiday weekend. then back up on tuesday. next week we're back down a little bit. but then average temperatures are only in the 70s this time of year. we'll be right back. ♪
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to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> the phillies entered friday five games over .500 and opened the series in chicago against the best team in baseball. that would be the cubs at
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wrigley field this afternoon. it rained on and off during this game. when it rained, it really rained. meant business. that guy has on a cap and gown. congratulations. fourth inning, game tied at one. not anymore. jorge soler. deep off the scoreboard. cubs take the lead. later in the fourth ruff. khris bryant gets in on the action. left the ballpark. cubs do what they do best, scoring runs. phillies fall 6-2. chase utley played at citi field tonight. first time facing the mets since his takeout slide broke the leg of ruben tejada. utley usually likes hitting at citi field. that means mets fans already don't like him, even more so tonight. >> leading off the game for the los angeles dodgers, their second baseman, number 26, chase
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utley. >> yeah, get your cameras out because you're going to like this. in the ninth inning, he was greeted as expected and does what was expected. bases clearing double. ties the game. the mets went on to win. utley still likes playing at citi field. that's fun to see. all right. the world cup of hockey is in september this fall in toronto at the air canada center and the flyers will be well represented. captain claude giroux has been named to team canada. this will be the first time giroux has played in international competition. the others being in the 2013 and 2015 world championships. rookie shane on team north america, burst onto the scene for the flyers this year and finalist for the calder trophy. a total of eight flyers will play in the world cup event. the cavs beat the raptors to advance to the nba finals. they'll face the winners of warriors and thunder. lebron james becomes the eighth
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player ever to play in six straight nba finals. that is pretty impressive. have a safe and special holiday weekend, everyone.
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new at 11:00, yet another bear sighting in our area, this time the hungry beast snacked on seed from a backyard feeder. the black bear just hanging out in his neighbor's backyard after 6:00. his neighbor's backyard. the viewer told us the police warned him the bear was in the area but didn't expect a close encounter. eventually the bear got up and walked away after his snack. went back to his house because it was his neighbor. >> right. >> i don't know. well -- >> it was kind of warm for a bear out there today, wasn't it? >> it was a bear of a day. it was 90 degree frst ts for thd day in a row. tomorrow could make it an official heatwave. then it gets cooler.
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it's not going to be a long heatwave, that's for sure. saturday is the hottest day. the sunniest day. monday is the coolest day. and the wettest day. so you can make your plans accordingly. >> and i hope you have a great holiday weekend. i'm jim rosenfield. good night. ♪ hey!
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♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- maya rudolph and martin short. leslie odom jr. musical guest, courtney barnett.


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